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Han Yan


Welcome to my personal page!

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I received my B.S. degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China in 2008 and M.S. and engineer degrees from Telecom Bretagne, France in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Since 2011, I am current Ph.D student who is involved in the entity Home Device Middleware Development Integration (HDMI) in Orange Labs and the entity Advanced Technology in NETworking (ATNET) in IRISA. I am under the supervision of Pr. Bernard Cousin and Dr. Cédric Gueguen in ATNET and Dr. Jean-Paul Vuichard at Orange Labs. The topic of my thesis is "Collaboration of home networked devices for a maximum energy efficiency". My research interest is energy saving in the home network by the collaboration of the connected devices.





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2. Yan, H,  Cousin, B, Gueguen, C and Vuichard, J. “Refined Overlay Power Management in the Home Environment” (IEEE GREENCOM '2014), Taipei, Taiwan Click Here

3. Yan, H,  Gueguen, C, Cousin, B,  and Vuichard, J. "Collaborative Overlay Power Management based on the Delay-Power Tradeoffs" IEEE FGCT '2014, London, UK Click Here

Best paper award in IEEE FGCT


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Book chapters:   

Yan, H, Vuichard, J, Cousin, B, Gueguen, C, and Mardon, G "Green Home Network based on an Overlay Energy Control Network" in the book "Green Networking and Communications" (Published by CRC Press, USA, oct 2013).  Click Here.


Yan, H, "Smart devices collaboration for a greener home network" Presented at "Journée des doctorants"  Orange Labs, France , Sep 2014


"HOPE: HOme Power Efficiency System for a Green Network"

Presented at "Salon de la recherche", Orange Labs, France, Dec 2012 and "IEEE INFOCOM'2013 Demo/Poster Session", Italy, April 2013



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