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Cédric Gueguen


Since September of 2011, I am associate professor at University of Rennes 1 and member of ADOPNET team at IRISA Labs. My main research interests are related to wireless network and particularly to cross layer scheduling algorithms. I am in charge of the Master of network engineering of the University of Rennes 1 since september 2012. Basically, I teach on performance evaluation, 4-5G networks, Internet Protocol, routing...

In 2010, i was researcher (ATER) in the department "Protocols Architecture & Software for Networks" (PASNET) at the University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (LIGM).

In November 2010, I obtained my Ph.D from the University Pierre et Marie Curie while working in the Networks and Performance Analysis group at the laboratory LIP6. My Ph.D thesis focused on the efficient support of multimedia services in OFDM wireless networks, both in the uplink and in the downlink. New access schemes were studied which further increases the benefits of opportunistic scheduling mainly by extending this cross layer technique to higher layers. The proposed access techniques outperforms existing wireless access schemes and my research mainly demonstrates that choosing between high fairness and high system throughput is no more required. My supervisor was Pr. Serge Fdida, my advisor Ass. Pr. Sébastien Baey.

In 2006, I hold a M.Sc. in Networking from University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), with a major in performance evaluations.


Research interests

- Opportunistic scheduling. I search to jointly maximize global system throughput, fairness and QoS.
- Green Networking and power saving. I take into account physical layer information in ad hoc network and green networks for minimizing power consumption.
- Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). I propose new QoE metrics.
- Cooperative networks. I suggest new methodologies in order to motivate nodes to participate.
- Perfomance evaluation. I study the influences of the available frequency granularity on the opportunistic schedulers performances.




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- Cedric Gueguen: L'allocation de ressources dans les réseaux sans fil du futur... Editions universitaire européenes, 2012, N° ISBN 9783841786517.

Book chapters:

- Han Yan, Cédric Guéguen, Bernard Cousin, jean Paul Vuichard, Gil Mardon: Green Home Network based on an Overlay Energy Control Network. Green Networking and Communication (Published by CRC Press, USA, oct 2013)
- Cedric Gueguen and Sebastien Baey: Opportunistic Access Schemes for Multiuser OFDM Wireless Networks Radio Communications (Chapter 14). Alessandro Bazzi (Ed.), ISBN : 978-953-307-091-9, In-Tech, April 2010.
- Cedric Gueguen and Sebastien Baey: Advanced Access Schemes for Future Broadband Wireless Networks Communications and Networking. Ana Nikolic (Ed.), ISBN : 978-953-307-114-5, SCIYO, 2010.


- Improving Mobile Satisfaction in Multiuser OFDM Wireless Networks. Ecole d'ete RESCOM 15-21 June 2008, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.


- Yan, H, Mardon, G, and Gueguen, C. "Economiser l’énergie du réseau domestique tout en maintenant la QoE de l’utilisateur" Patent ID 81117243 (08489FR0), application N°. 1261565, France, Dec. 2012; Patent ID 81246763 (08489EP01), application N°. 13195493.5, Europe, Dec. 2013.



- B-com (2013-2014): B-com is a new Technological Research Institute dedicated to boost development and marketing of tools, products and services that improve everyday's life, thanks to research and innovation in digital technologies. In concrete terms, B-com innovates at the highest level in the areas of hypermedia (ultra high definition images, 3D, intelligent content, virtual and augmented reality, etc.), smarter and faster networks and e-health.
Technical reports:
Deliverable D3.1 - “State of the Art on Radio Resources Allocation"

- WIP (2006-2008): The objective of the WIP project is to design, implement, and experimentally validate an all-wireless interconnection architecture based on advanced wireless transmission techniques, mesh networking, cross-layer optimization, and mechanisms for seamless mobility.
Partners: UPMC/LIP6, Thomson, Siemens, CTTC, INPG, IT, CERTH, Swisscom.
Technical reports:
Deliverable D2.2 - “Design of the lower layer techniques for WIP Advanced Wireless Infrastructure (Advanced MAC techniques)”
Deliverable D2.3 - “Performance evaluation of the lower layer techniques and integration into the WIP global architecture”


Chairing, Organization and reviews

Publication and Publicity Chair of IEEE WiMob 2014 e-HPWAS Workshop, cyprus.
In 2013, I have served as chair in the Technical Program Commitees of the 77th International Conference on Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), session "QoS and Fairness". It held at Dresden, in Germany, on june 2-5, 2013.
I am reviewer for many conferences and journals such as: EURASIP, VTC, WIMOB, PIMRC, WCNC, ICC, GLOBECOM...


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