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ATNET - Advanced Technology in NETworking

The homepage of AtNet research group

The ADOPNET research team succeeded to ATNET team in June 2015. Please follow this link for updated information.

AtNet description

The AtNet (Advanced Technology in Networking) research group investigates protocols and algorithms for the future Internet. Our group is specially interested in the design and the evaluation of new network architectures : 5G wireless networks, high speed networks, very large scale networks.

Research Topic

Our main research topics are :

  • Scheduling
  • Routing
  • Network Management

AtNet team aims at elaborating advanced technology (i.e. network architectures, networkprotocols and distributed algorithms) for the next generation of the Internet. The design of Next Generation Networks is a big challenge.
Next Generation Networks will offer high value transport services and should provide High Capacity, High Survivability, High Flexibility, Low energy consumption and High Efficiency for the new generation of multimedia distributed applications. Next Generation Networks will have High Capacity: the network should support very high throughput (for instance Tbit/s optical links are expected to be deployed in the next years), and a huge number of network flows with a world-wide coverage. Next Generation Networks will have High Survivability: network service reliability and protection should be assured, and data loss should be avoided by efficient flow control. Next Generation Networks will have High Flexibility: protocols and algorithms should be adaptive to application requirements (for instance wireless mobile multimedia applications), network load, or network policy. Next Generation Networks will have High Energy efficiency: network energy consumption must be reduced in order to decrease world greenhouse gas emission and increase battery lifetime. This should be provided with High Efficiency since network resources are expensive and could be rare.

AtNet team focuses on Scheduling, Routing and Management issues of Next Generation Networks.