EDIT: Because of the meteorological conditions, the seminar is postponed to Wednesday March the 27th at 15:00 in room Aurigny (D165).

Tuesday March the 12th, Jean-Loup Guillaume from LIP6 laboratory (Paris) will give a talk in the context of the department D1 Seminar.

Place : Salle Aurigny (D165)
Date : Tuesday 12th March at 11:00

Title: Evolving networks: communities and reachability.

The last ten years have witnessed an upsurge in the number of real world datasets modeled by graphs, also called complex networks. Recent studies in the field are focused on the definition of methods and algorithms to describe and study the evolution of such networks. During my talk I will discuss two of my research interests on this issue: community detection in evolving networks and reachability in delay tolerant networks.
The computation and tracking of evolving communities is generally used to follow the evolution of initial communities coupled with the evolution of the underlying network. I will introduce different approaches to tackle this problem and will show that they suffer either from strong instability issues or from high complexity which prevent their usage on large or highly evolving networks.
I will then talk about reachability in evolving complex networks with a special focus on delay tolerant networks. I will present the theoretical framework around temporal reachability graphs which allowed us to propose an algorithm for their efficient computation. I will finally demonstrate the interest of the temporal reachability graph concept by applying it to synthetic and real-life datasets.