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by jverdonc last modified 25.10.2011 02:54 PM

All publications will be available online on ACES HAL page. Technical reports are available on-line from the IRISA ftp server.



    Communication avec actes

    • Towards a System Architecture for Recognizing Domestic Activity by Leveraging a Naturalistic Human Activity Model; M. Dominici, M. Fréjus, J. Guibourdenche, B. Pietropaoli, F. Weis; Workshop on Goal, Activity and Plan Recognition (Gaprec) at the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS) 2011, Freibug, Germany, June 2011.
    • Multi-sensor data fusion within the belief functions framework - Application to Smart Home services; B. Pietropaoli, M. Dominici, F. Weis; in 4rd Conference on smart space and community (RuSMART'10), St Peterburg, Russia, IEEE (editor), August 2011.
    • Towards a Feasibility-Driven Uncertainty-Aware Layered Architecture for Recognizing Complex Domestic Activity; M. Dominici, B. Pietropaoli, F. Weis.; International Workshop on Situation, Activity and Goal Awareness (SAGAware 2011) at the 13th ACM International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp2011), September 17-21, 2011, Beijing, China.




    Communication avec actes