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UMLAUT:  Unified Modeling Language All pUrposes Transformer

UMLAUT is evolving !!!

Thanks to the knowledge obtained via UMLAUT, the team is now working on a generic model transformation tool. This tool allows to create transformations for any model for which we have its metamodel. It is no more dependend of a version of UML.
The new transformation framework based on this tool is called UMLAUT NG (next generation) and is based on a language more appropriate for model transformation : Kermeta. As this development is driven by the language and by the application domain, the information about the framework is in the dedicated section in the following sites: http://www.irisa.fr/triskell, http://www.kermeta.org and http://modelware.inria.fr
Some of the functionnalities of this UMLAUT framework will then be ported to UMLAUT NG. ( simulator, code generation, ...)

UMLAUT is a framework for building tools dedicated to the manipulation of models described using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
It is oriented towards the production of reliable software whose components and their assembly are described using the UML. 
From the point of view of Aspect Oriented Software Development, UMLAUT can be seen as a framework for building application specific weavers to weave multi-dimentional high level UML design models (functional, dynamic, deployment, and static aspects annotated with design pattern occurences, stereotypes and tag values) into detailed design models suitable for either implementation, simulation or validation.
UMLAUT builds on various technologies, including formal specification based on the OCL at both the model and the meta-model level, and validation of distributed software systems based on model-checking related technologies. 
UMLAUT is developed within the Triskell Project and once completed, will be distributed as freeware. UMLAUT is one of the projects related to the Trusted Components Initiative.

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