Mont Saint-Michel / St-Malo
Normandy/Brittany (France)

JUNE 5-8, 2000
Le Mont Saint-Michel Saint-Malo

Conference Chair: Jean-Marc Jézéquel, IRISA/CNRS Rennes, France
Programme Chair: Richard Mitchell, InferData Corporation, USA
Tutorials Chair: Alan Cameron Wills, TriReme International Ltd, UK
Workshops Chair: Jan Bosch, University of karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden
Conference Series Chair: Bertrand Meyer, Interactive Software Engineering, USA

Keynote presentations by...

James O. Coplien, Bell Laboratories, USA

Founder of the patterns movement

Bertrand Meyer, Interactive Software Engineering, USA

Inventor of design by contract

Ian Graham, Principal Consultant, TriReme International, UK

"Requirements Engineering: An object-oriented approach"

John Daniels, Consultant, Syntropy Limited, UK
"Component Contracts"
Wolfgang Pree, University of Constance, Germany
"Impact of E-Commerce on Software Construction"









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