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Name Sébastien Ferré
Status Associate Professor, HDR
Affiliation University Rennes 1
Research lab
Email ferre[at]
Tel +33 (0) 2 99 84 75 70
Address IRISA
Campus de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes cedex

About me

Research activities

I do my research in the LIS team (Logical Information Systems), which is part of the scientific department "Data and Knowledge Management" at IRISA.

Research interests:

Publication lists:

  • Google scholar
    (rather complete, sorted by citations, with h-index)
  • DBLP
    (rather complete, sorted by year, with search facilities)
    (incomplete, sorted by year, but with acces to pdf for some articles)
  • among LIS publications
    (the  most complete, sorted by type, with access to the publications of the LIS team)


I develop my softwares with OCaml, a multi-paradigm programming language (functional, imperative, object-oriented) with a strong static type system.

  • SPARKLIS: complex queries and exploratory search for SPARQL endpoints at your fingertips!
    a HTML5/Javascript application that combines the interactivity of faceted search, the expressivity of SPARQL, and the availability of SPARQL endpoints
    connects to DBpedia by default, but other SPARQL endpoints can be used (including on localhost)
    Sparklis is based on the research master work of Joris Guyonvarc'h (2013), and you can find recent publications about Sparklis on Google Scholars
  • SEWELIS: SEmantic WEb Logical Information System
    a Semantic Web tool for the guided exploration and authoring of RDF graphs
  • SQUALL: Semantic Query and Update High-Level Language
    a controlled natural language for querying (and updating) SPARQL endpoints
  • PEW: Possible World Explorer
    an adaptation of SEWELIS for the exploration and completion of OWL ontologies
  • CAMELIS: (Caml) Logical Information System (download from the INRIA forge)
    a tool based on Logical Concept Analysis for the guided exploration and the annotation of a collection of objects (e.g., photos described by location, date, time, persons, objects, type, event, etc.)
  • LOGFUN: LOGic FUNctors
    a library of logic functors, components used in CAMELIS for the definition of ad-hoc logics

Co-supervised theses

  • Mouhamadou Ba (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes)
    Cotalis : Guided composition of tasks with logical information systems -
    application to data analysis workflows in bioinformatics

    start in October 2012
  • Alice Hermann (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes)
    Guided creation and update of objects in a  knowledge base
    December 2012
  • Olivier Bedel (with Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    GEOLIS : Un Système d information logique pour l organisation et la recherche de données géolocalisées
    January 2009
  • Peggy Cellier (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes, and Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    DeLLIS debugging and fault localization with a logical information system
    December 2008

Teaching activities

I do my teaching at ISTIC, the faculty of Computer Science and Electronics at University Rennes 1.

I teach (or have teached) the following courses:

Semantic Web [SW]
M1 Miage
Functional Programming [PRG2]
L3 Info
Introduction to software engineering [GEN]
L2 Info/Miage
Compilation [COMP]
M1 Info
Symbolic datamining [FSY]
M2 Miage
Graph algorithmics [ALG]
L3 Info
String and sequence algorithmics [SEQ]
M1 Bioinfo

Dedicated pages to some courses:

Additional information

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