Programming the Grid with distributed Objects  
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Presentation of the GRID-RMI ACI

The goal of this project is to promote a programming model for computing Grids.

This model combines both parallel programming models and distributed programming models.
It is based on the concept of distributed objects and software components for the distributed programming.

This project targets to design and to experiment a high performance communication software framework enabling both efficient communication between objects or components and parallel programming.

GRID-RMI is a software project of the French Action Concertée Incitative (ACI) Globalisation des ressources informatiques et des données (GRID) of the French Ministry of Research.

The long description of the project is only available French

Project coordinator:

This project is based on different software being developed by the different partners.

Madeleine et Marcel, developed by ReMaP
Padico, PaCO++, Do! and Mome developed by PARIS
OpenCCM, developed at LIFL,
ProActive, developed by OASIS

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